an executive decision on an executive branch website

so, after a ten day hiatus, i have made a decision on this site…

…as of labor day, i will labor no more.

i think i’ve done some cool memes and shit for it, but the writing has been lackluster at best. part of the reason is exhaustion – between this and i’m having to write EVERY day. if that was my gig, that’d be one thing. but balancing work, home, AND that is a bit much.

on the real, i thought this site would be easy. i figured XLV would fuck up once or twice a week, i’d get a bit or two out of it, and we’d move on. but, alas, he fucks up DAILY. multiple-times a day. and while the general purpose of this site was to lampoon him and his presidency i have found nothing i can write does so more than his own actions. he has taken the most esteemed political office in the nation and made it a mockery of itself, and we just sit back and watch. there’s no more talk of impeachment. there’s no bloody coup. there’s simply us all sitting back on our haunches and watching rome burn.

and that’s sad.

i will re-run this bit every five days or so, with some of my fave memes thrown inbetween. if one real, live, non-bot human not trying to spam the site comments that it should continue, i’ll consider it. but if not, this site will go dark after labor day…

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