i know that traditionally any meeting of world leaders is gonna draw protestors…

it’s as inevitable as death and texas.

or at least i think.

this was supposed to be a bit where i was gonna show the protestors from past G20’s versus this one, to see if the crowds this year trumped the previous years (pun intended). i found this pic when i googled “G20 2016”:

but then found out that was actually from this year. i also found out the previous one was in CHINA, which tends to make people who protest vanish like a stacked blonde in a david copperfield show, so i wasn’t surprised. the previous year was in turkey, but when i found this pic which looked like a big crowd:

but that, again, was from the current one. i did find a pic from turkey, but it was a zoom in and didn’t show a lot of folks…but i wonder if there just wasn’t much to show? well, at least we get to use this again:

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