sunday brunch

for me, sunday brunch means migas, ritas, and political talk…

…but since i can’t feed you through the internet, we’ll have to make do with pics:

these are migas – a delicious blend of eggs, tortillas, cheese, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and pure magic. what has none of that is golf, which is, once again, what xlv is doing this weekend. but considering all his golf properties are along the shore, and will be under water in the next few years thanks to rising sea levels courtesy of climate change he thinks is some kind of chinese mythology like a dragon that eats your soul (which he doesn’t have to fear since he doesn’t actually HAVE a soul), i guess he feels he needs to enjoy them while he can. he also has smaller bills to tip caddies with, since he keeps collecting that presidential salary he said he’d donate to charity, but something tells me he doesn’t believe in tipping.

this is the size margarita trump voters have to drink these days to deal with health care going up BUT no wall going up, taxes, like ISIS, on the rise, and millions of LEGAL votes cast against their candidate but BILLIONS buying positions of power in his “drained swamp”, which was drained of the water so mucky corruption could fit. tequila goes well with shame…and also with migas!

(and pick your side to go with comey testifying that trump flat out lied, and that trump says he’ll testify under oath but he says TONS of shit he’ll do he never actually will, so just be prepared for that NOT to fucking happen, as well him ignoring the constitution at every turn, trying to privatize most of the government, and generally just being a bigger asshole douche bag than any of us against him ever could have imagined – again, if you voted for this yutz, you ought to be ashamed of yourself!)

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